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KetoPower Boost Review (Healthygen) Update 2020, Price & Buy?

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KetoPower Boost: The Keto Diet has been proven to work wonders for people wanting to lose weight and live a healthier life. With so many celebrities and fitness experts now adopting the infamous diet, there’s an increasing number of people wanting to try keto. However, there are a few drawbacks to keto which make it hard to adopt initially resulting in people dropping the diet altogether.

If the initial difficult phase of keto seems daunting, then have no fear!  KetoPower Boost makes everything smooth and simple helping you lose weight at a rapid pace.

KetoPower Boost

What is the Keto Diet all About?

The keto diet is a radical change from any other diet you may have heard about. The goal of the keto diet is to burn fat for fuel, how? By restricting the intake of carbohydrates. The human body is naturally hardwired to convert carbohydrates for energy because they are easily metabolized. However, carbohydrates don’t give a lot of energy and you run out quickly, which makes it hard to sustain good energy levels throughout the day.

On the other hand, fat is the best source of energy, but its digestion rate is slow which is why the body prefers carbohydrates. The Keto diet forces the body to go into fat-burning mode by restricting the intake of carbohydrates. By restricting carbohydrate intake, the body has no choice but to turn to fats. 

After some time, the body starts burning fats to produce ketones. These ketones are then used to provide energy and this process is known as ketosis. Therefore, by restricting carbohydrates the body eventually starts using fat for fuel which results in rapid weight loss, high energy levels, mental clarity and much more. 

KetoPower Boost

The Problem With Keto

The Keto diet is great. You get to eat all your favourite fatty foods which some other diets would have considered “unhealthy”. However, there is a slight downside to the diet that comes during its initial stages. Getting into the state of ketogenesis, when your body starts producing ketones from fat takes time. On average, it takes a couple of weeks.

During this transitionary period, you must sustain the restrictive carb-intake and since the body has not yet shifted to burning fat, it results in fatigue, brain fog, crashes, loss of energy, and insomnia. This is known as the “keto flu”. As a result, many people start dropping out of their diet because the transitionary period can be rough. That’s the problem KetoPowerBoost tackles.  

Healthygen KetoPower Boost Review

What Makes KetoPower Boost Special?

As mentioned above, the problem lies in the initial stages of the keto diet. Healthygen KetoPower Boost tackles the problem through exogenous ketones! In a single pill, you get a powerful blend of different ingredients, one of which are the exogenous ketones. As a result, the body starts getting an energy source while it’s still transitioning from burning carbs to ketogenesis.

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Healthygen KetoPower Boost helps you reach ketosis faster and avoid the keto flu. This helps you enjoy the benefits of keto from the get-go and commit to the diet for the long-term. However, KetoPower Boost doesn’t stop there. The supplement contains multiple active ingredients that are known for its fat-burning and weight-loss capabilities. Therefore, by taking this supplement, you not only enjoy the full benefits of keto, but you also take it to the next level and experience accelerated weight loss. The formula includes:

  1. Magnesium BHB: Magnesium is a powerful nutrient that’s responsible for a lot of things in your body such as boosting energy levels and maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. The foods that are normally consumed in the keto diet don’t contain enough magnesium which is why KetoPower Boost incorporates just the right amount to maximize results.
  2. MCT Powder: Simply put, MCTs are man-made fats that are easily broken down compared to regular fats. Thus, they enter the bloodstream quickly and can provide a significant energy boost to your body.
  3. Calcium and Potassium: As mentioned before, the first few weeks of the keto diet can be hard to overcome. The body loses a lot of minerals as a result of reduced intake of carb-rich foods. Calcium and Potassium in KetoPower Boost help counteract this deficit.
  4. Turmeric Curcumin: Known as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, turmeric helps soothe chronic inflammation, which is one of the leading causes of weight gain. This ingredient helps counteract the effect inflammation has on your body such as diabetes and heart disease and helps getting rid of fat easier as well.
  5. Forskolin: This ingredient is highly known for its fat-burning capabilities. It stimulates different fat-burning enzymes and other mechanisms inside the body that heat up your fat cells and burn them for energy. The good thing about forskolin is that it only targets fat, leaving your muscle intact.
  6. Bioperine: A highly nutritious ingredient, Bioperine is packed with essential ingredients that your body doesn’t get enough of in the keto diet. Bioperine also boosts the absorption of turmeric into the body which helps the anti-inflammatory effect to kick in sooner. As a result, overall, you start seeing weight loss results at a faster rate due to Bioperine.
KetoPower Boost

Benefits of Healthygen KetoPower Boost

Healthygen KetoPower Boost helps to provide the following health benefits to its users.

  • The supplement helps you rapidly lose weight.
  • This supplement increases the body’s metabolic rate.
  • The supplement promotes burning fat for fuel, complimenting the keto diet.
  • The supplement promotes high energy levels throughout the day.
  • KetoPower Boost helps detoxify your body.
  • The supplement is highly convenient to use, just one capsule a day!
  • The supplement contains ingredients to boost your overall health.
  • There’s a money-back guarantee.

KetoPower Boost Bonus Materials

By purchasing Healthygen KetoPower Boost, you also get additional bonus items. These include:

  1. 21-Day Diet Fix Plan: This plan consists of easy-to-make delicious recipes that can help you stay on track and lose weight fast.
  2. 21-Day Lean Body Workout Plan: Working out helps increase the rate of weight loss at the same time toning your body. The 21-day lean body workout plan is tailor-made to target stubborn fats and provides some of the most efficient exercises to lose weight.
  3. 6 Reasons Turmeric is For You: Turmeric is a highly versatile and useful ingredient in improving your overall health. This short, yet effective guide explains how much of impact turmeric can have on your health. 


Healthygen KetoPower Boost comes in three different packages:

  1. One Bottle- $59
  2. Buy two, get one free- $128 
  3. Buy four, get two free- $186

As you can see, the more you buy, the more you get in return which reduces the per-bottle cost significantly. There’s also a money-back guarantee provided by the manufacturer in case you’re unsure if the product is indeed the one for you. You can try the product, and if you don’t like it, then you can get a 100% refund within 60 days of your purchase.

Conclusion – Does KetoPower Boost Work?

Healthygen KetoPower Boost is a fantastic supplement for anyone on the keto diet looking to accelerate their results. The supplement uses a potent blend consisting of 100% natural ingredients and is produced in a GMP-Certified facility. Therefore, it’s not only an effective supplement but is completely safe to use as well.

The money-back-guarantee shows the confidence of the seller and if you’re someone who wants the most out of their keto diet, then this supplement is a must-have. You can purchase it from here.

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