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IPL Hair Removal – How to remove all body hair in under 25 minutes?

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IPL Hair Removal: Everything you want to know about IPL hair removal. Plus, the at-home devices really worth your cash. Laser Hair Removal From The Comfort Of Your Own Home.

At-home IPL machines have come a long way in recent years, and advancements in technology mean you can now achieve results to rival a spendy (and lengthy) in-salon course without leaving your bedroom.

Whilst we’re happy to take a very relaxed approach to hair removal right now – after all, body hair is totally natural and there is nothing wrong with rocking it. If you are considering de-fluffing your bod, it’s worth looking into IPL… Because let’s be honest, any beauty treatment we can do while plonked in front of Netflix is very welcome right now.

IPL Hair Removal

What is IPL Hair Removal?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. It’s a form of light therapy, and one of the most advanced ways to get rid of unwanted body hair.

The most relaxing bikini wax (do this at home)

If you’re like most of us, you just can’t seem to get your body hair under control…

Even after all the painful wax treatments or rounds of expensive laser hair removal…

Your hair grows back with a vengeance.

The hair on your arms can rival a bristly cactus…

Your bikini line can turn into a force to be reckoned with on a weekly basis, and shaving it causes irritation that can last for days.

And you thank the heavens that leggings are fashionable or else you’d have no other way of covering up your burns and bumps.

How does IPL Hair Removal work?

“IPL Hair Removal is designed to help break the cycle of hair growth by targeting the hair root or follicle,” explains Emily Buckwell, Product Expert at “Light energy is transferred through the skin’s surface and absorbed by the melanin present in the hair shaft.” Once absorbed, this light energy is converted to heat energy below the surface of the skin, which disables the hair follicle, preventing further growth. The treated hairs fall out naturally over the course of a few days (up to two weeks for some people).

How to remove leg hair for good?

So if this sounds like you, It’s safe to say you’re not alone…

All that pain and nothing to show for it.

That’s why thousands of women are ditching razors, waxing, and laser treatments…

And instead, they’re using a newer dermatologist technology called IPL…

I don’t want to bore you with science. But in a nutshell, you use this handheld device to “scan” your hair follicles…

Once you do that, the follicle absorbs the light from the device and all the heat from it (that can only be felt by the follicles) will “damage” the follicles which mean they can no longer grow hair!

How to use an at-home IPL Hair Removal device?

Of course, every IPL device will come with its own bible-sized booklet of instructions and yes you must read it in full.

Generally speaking, though, you’ll need to shave with a razor beforehand. Then simply press your device onto the skin, where it will deliver a flash of light. As for the pain? it’s not so bad: think of a quick elastic-band flick, and you’re in the right territory.

There’s usually a treatment phase of up to 12 weeks, which you’ll need to commit to properly, and then top-ups roughly once a month thereafter.

How to remove all body hair in under 25 minutes?

But the most interesting find has been that women of all ethnicities and hair types have been able to stop body hair growth with IPL.

Gone are the days where you have to cover up your legs…

No more hoping and wishing that your upper lip hairs will go unseen…

And goodbye to awkward and painful bikini waxes…

To join tens of thousands of women who are using IPL to say goodbye to body hair without pain. Then you can tap on this blue line.

IPL Hair Removal

The best at-home IPL devices

When choosing the best IPL device for you. There are a few things to consider, as not all are created equal. Firstly, there’s the number of flashes a device can deliver. “Many devices come loaded with a huge number of flashes: some such as SmoothSkin’s Bare+ are infinite. But if you are on a budget there are options with fewer flashes that will certainly still allow you to treat your whole body. Such as the Sensica Sensilight Mini,” says Buckwell.

If you’re easily bored, a fast-acting device will stop you losing interest half-way through. According to Buckwell, the Bare+ is the fastest on the market – however, if speed isn’t of the essence (let’s face it, you’ve got the time right now). Then it might be worth opting for a stronger, rather than a faster device, like the SmoothSkin Muse.

IPL Hair Removal
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